We are
CCNhub Malaysia.
Powering technologies to serve your business needs
We are
CCNhub Malaysia.
Powering technologies to serve your business needs


CCNhub is a secure, carrier-neutral Internet portal

Designed to facilitate the air cargo shipment process. It offers forwarders and carriers the convenience of online access to a comprehensive range of services that they would use daily for their time-critical transactions in a quick, simple and cost-effective manner. The result is an integrated one-stop global communications solution catered to the needs of the airfreight community.


KEY Features of CCNhub:

  • Air Waybill Stock Management
  • Flight Schedule and Availability Requests
  • Electronic Bookings
  • Sales*Kit
  • Allotment Management and Booking
  • e-AWB
  • Consol Manifest
  • Track and Trace /Proactive Shipment Monitoring
  • Neutral Label
  • e-Customs Filing
  • 24 x 7 Global Online Access

Benefits of CCNhub

  • Improved operating efficiency and lower operating costs
  • Greater shipment visibility
  • A one-stop, integrated system for day-to-day transactions
  • Increased productivity

Functional features of CCNhub

  1. Air Waybill Stock Management
    As a freight forwarder, you can request for neutral Air Waybill stock from airlines electronically and they can assign the stock electronically to you as well. Once you have used them to book your shipments, CCNhub will automatically update your stock. You can also co-load your Air Waybill stock to another freight forwarder sharing the same CCNhub platform.
  2. Flight Schedule & Availability Requests.
    You can conveniently send flight schedule and availability requests to one or more carriers. From there, the system allows you to make a direct booking by bringing you to the booking screen with relevant information populated with just a click of a button on the desired flight.
  3. Electronic Bookings
    To cater for individual needs, there are 3 types of e-booking functions available.
    • Single booking is for single shipment space reservation
    • Multiple Booking enables you to book cargo space on different airlines and flights in a single screen and allows you to quickly book over 30 Air Waybills.
    • Spreadsheet Booking allows you to import booking data from your own in house system into CCNhub.
  4. Sales*Kit
    Manage and access the rates and surcharges of different Airlines and GSAs online via the Sales*Kit. Our smart filtering function retrieves and displays the best rates for you to customize and generate your sales quotations effectively.
  5. Allotment Management & Booking
    You can easily manage your allocated cargo space and retrieve the full list of allotments from one or more airlines. By clicking on the desired allotment, you can book against your allotments with all the relevant information auto-populated into your booking, Upon confirmation of your booking, your allocation will be automatically updated.
  6. E-AWB
    Use MAWB printing function to create Air Waybill records, print and send electronic Air Waybill details (FWB) to airlines before lodging in and for pre-clearance of cargo. Cargo Receipt is also provided as a proof of carriage. This promotes eAWB as part of the e-Freight initiative.
  7. Consol Manifest
    With CCNhub’s Consol Manifest module, freight forwarders will be able to send house level (FHL) information to the airlines in compliance with the Customs of the following countries : United States, Canada, India, Indonesia, Europe, China and more.

    For added convenience when you prepare your HAWB on CCNhub, relevant information will be automatically populated, Hence, you will need minimal data entry during preparation of FHL.
  8. Track & Trace/Proactive Shipment Monitoring
    Track statuses for up to 30 cargo shipments on different airlines all at once with just one click. With proactive shipment monitoring feature, you can monitor your shipment proactively without having to track the shipment status constantly. Just configure the shipment and freight status updates (FSU) needed and the required FSU will be sent via email proactively.
  9. Neutral Label
    The "Neutral Label” function allows you to print bar code labels for your shipments on different airlines.
  10. e-Customs Filing
    CCN has extensive and expertise in developing, re-engineering and managing industry wide projects such as our Customs Solutions for various countries’ requirements.

    CCN has been able to tailor made its system to adapt to each country’s specific customs requirements.