We are
CCNhub Malaysia.
Powering technologies to serve your business needs
We are
CCNhub Malaysia.
Powering technologies to serve your business needs

Common Errors

  1. Send booking in Single Booking function with flight departure date exceeded the Advance Booking Limit set by Airline.

      E.g. Carrier Advanced Booking Limit.

    • MH – 14 days
    • SQ – 28 days
    • LH – 30 days
  2. Send booking with STATUS other than NN such as KK, UU, UN, HN, HK and etc.
  3. Duplicate or re-sending booking using same Air Waybill number.

    E.g. Manual booking being made before performing e-booking, or same booking sent several times without checking the reply status.
  4. Did not XX the old itinerary when doing cancellation or amendment on one or more of the following:
    • Total pieces or total weight.
    • Flight date or flight number
    • Dimension field
  5. For MH shipment, weight in Dimension field MUST be per piece from the actual weight.

    E.g. Weight in Dimension need to be divided by number of Pieces and then round it to nearest decimal point (e.g. 113kg/ 7 pcs = 16.1).
  6. Air Waybill can be reused for new booking as long as the booking is cancelled within 24 hours before flight departure.
  7. Cancellation of Booking (MH shipment) in booking screen:


    • Before Confirmation
      Change the Alloc. Code from NN to XX and click Submit.
    • After Confirmation
      Change the Alloc. Code from KK/HK/UU/UN to XX and click Submit.
  8. Invalid routing entered in booking screen.

    E.g. Entered a wrong Country Code/Destination such as LON for LONDON instead of LHR.
  9. Flight does not exists/operate.

    E.g. Agent booked with the non-exists Flight Number with wrong Airlines and Routing. Need to check Flight Schedules irregularly for the last update of flight availability from airlines.
  10. Goods description must be clear and specific or else it will be rejected by MH.

    E.g. PARTS, GENERAL CARGO, SYSTEM, SAID TO CONTAIN, OTHER etc are not acceptable by MH.

Electronic AWB Data (FWB)

  1. Invalid City Code entered for shipper and consignee address.


    • CB instead of KH used for Cambodia
    • TH instead of TG used for Thailand
  2. Invalid Postal Code for EU customs. Postal Code is mandatory in consignee address for shipment to the state of the EU such as Germany, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands etc.
  3. Invalid Shipper or Consignee Address - contains Special Characters such as (@, / & - : ' \ ( ) *) are not allowed to be entered in the Shipper/Consignee Address. Can you use either a dash, a word-spacing or a dot instead.
  4. Duplicate sending of electronic AWB Data (FWB). If there is any amendment to be made, the first FWB need to be cancelled before resend a revised copy.
  5. Chargeable Weight is less than the Gross Weight (chargeable weight should be equal or greater than the gross weight).
  6. Invalid Rate Class.


    • M – Minimum
    • N – Normal (All rebates will base on normal even though the weight > 45 kg)
    • Q – Quantity (> 45 kg)
    • C – Special Commodity Rate (SCR2001)
    • U – ULD Rate
  7. The Weight and Pieces in FWB must be tally with the Weight and Pieces in booking screen.
  8. Invalid Execution Date as no future date is allowed. Execution date must be less or equal to the date of FWB submission.

    Execution date was 01Sep15 but FWB submitted on 31Aug15. The execution date entered in the FWB should be 31Aug15 or less than instead of 01Sep15.

  9. Manually created Other Charges Code which are not recognizable by airlines.

    E.g. Other Charges Code for MH.
    • Terminal Charge (Due Carrier) - TCC
    • Security Surcharge (Due Carrier) - SEC
    • Fuel Surcharge (Due Carrier, MH AWB only) - MYC
    • AWB Fees (Due Agent) - AWA
    • Signature Service Charge (Due Carrier) - SSC
  10. Invalid Due Code entered. Other Charges manually created with a wrong due code.

    E.g. Other charges due code HDY, AGL, CCN are not recognizable by MH. It should be due carrier (C) or agent (A) instead of Y, L, N.
  11. Postal Code and State/Province are mandatory in Consignee address for shipment to the US only.

Consol Manifest (FHL)

  1. Weight exceeds than the total master weight - the master weight must be tally with the total HAWBs sent.
  2. Invalid weight as MH only accept 1 decimal point. The weight should be in round figure as follows.

    K102.34 – Ok
    K102.345 – Not Ok