We are
CCNhub Malaysia.
Powering technologies to serve your business needs
We are
CCNhub Malaysia.
Powering technologies to serve your business needs

Customs Services

Securing borders have been a top priority for customs authorities.

The need for security has prompted more countries to mandate advance manifest submission before shipment arrival and even prior to shipment uplift. CCN’s suite of customs services provides you with a reliable one-stop solution for all your customs requirements.


For Freight Forwarders

With CCNhub’s Consol Manifest module, Freight Forwarders will be able to send master level (FWB) and house level (FHL) information to the airlines in compliance with the Customs of various countries.

For Airlines

CCN is connected to the Customs of countries such as Canada, China, India, Indonesia, Philippines, USA, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and European Union for the submission of shipment information in compliance with their respective customs regulations. With this connectivity, CCN enables airlines to comply with these customs requirements.


KEY Features of CCNhub:

  • Connect to different countries’ Customs via a single platform
  • Auto-conversion of CIMP messages from airlines/GHA into the required customs manifest format.
  • Submit manifests and check the submission status online.
  • Avoid late submission through the proactive monitoring against flight schedules and manifest submission
  • Be notified of errors so amendments can be done in time to avoid customs penalties and shipment delays.