We are
CCNhub Malaysia.
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We are
CCNhub Malaysia.
Powering technologies to serve your business needs


The Electronic Payment and Invoicing for Cargo ("EPIC”) was developed to allow electronic presentation of invoices and electronic payments between players in the air cargo community. The entire payment process starts off with the generation of invoices by the airlines to their cargo agents on the services rendered. The cargo agents ("Payer”) will then access their invoices and from there, effect payments to the airlines ("Biller”). EPIC mainly caters for the invoicing component between the airlines and their freight forwarders. Using the system, the Billers can also invoice their Payers electronically on non freight related activities such as rental, services, acquisitions, etc.

The system reduces the use of hard copy invoices and removes theneed for manual involvement, which is prevalent in outdated invoicingprocesses. Payers can reconcile their own records against what are inthe invoices given by the Billers. This way, they are able to check fordiscrepancies more efficiently instead of rummaging through pagesand pages of hard copies. Any records that do not tally with thosewithin the Biller’s invoices will be flagged out for dispute resolution.

The complete system involves electronic payment, which is facilitated by our partner, Deutsche Bank. EPIC is CCN’s giant leap into the business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce world. EPIC works in conjunction with Deutsche Bank’s db-eBills system, thus enabling the entire billing and payment workflow to be carried out seamlessly and securely over the web.



  • No more printing, sorting and mailing of invoices
  • No mishandling of invoices
  • No delay in receiving of invoices
  • Shortening of billing cycle
  • Promotes productivity and efficiency


  • Secured and safe environment
  • Supports credit and debit notes
  • Provides acknowledgement of receipts from payers
  • Full Invoice status feedback
  • Facilitates dispute resolution